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When you work with us, you are joining a team that is focused on meeting the unique needs of a diverse family of independent home improvement businesses to provide the services and support their customers and communities rely on every day.

Why We Do It

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Our philosophy: Serve others as we would like to be served
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Our mission: Making the best even better®
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Our goal: Helping our members grow and achieve their dreams
Spend time at Do it Best and you will find these principles everywhere, from our lobby wall to every invoice that leaves our office. They are more than just words—they are a part of everyday life at Do it Best. You'll use them to determine the best solutions, and you'll collaborate with coworkers to find fresh ways to implement them. They will become your standard for a job well done.
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Who We Are

Chances are when you hear “Do it Best,” you think of the home improvement business in your hometown, not the largest privately held company in Indiana, with more than $4.5 billion in sales. That's fine with us. We are not a franchise, so our members are free to go by the business name they feel is the best way to market to their community.
Everything we do puts our members front and center. Maybe that’s why we’re the second largest co-op in the home improvement industry, serving thousands of independently-owned locations across the United States, as well as Central America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Serving a membership of that size takes an incredible team. That’s where you come in. As a part of Do it Best, you may find yourself working beside more than 400 employees at our global headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or one of more than 1,000 employees serving in our eight warehouses across the United States. You may even be part of our team of sales and business development professionals, working side-by-side with members around the world.
How we do it
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How We Do It

Do it Best is a buying cooperative. No matter what role you choose at Do it Best, you represent our members, generating the combined buying power that makes it possible for us to work with vendors and manufacturers to provide top merchandise at great prices. Hardware, housewares, lumber, building materials, paint, home decor, outdoor furniture, and more—if our members can sell it, we’ll help them do it.
Once a year, we return any profits we made as a co-op to our members through rebates, giving them the financial power to grow their businesses by expanding merchandise selection, adding new locations, and making improvements to their existing locations. You will find opportunities to serve our members that go far beyond merchandising. Do it Best also offers a full menu of retail programs and services designed to increase market share and profitability. Retail strategy, advertising, marketing, store design, customer loyalty programs—every program is flexible and scalable to fit any member’s business needs.